Bogotá 2018

Workshop at Walk21 conference
in Bogotá, 15-19 October 2018

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Walkability and the amount of walking: How does improved walkability affect the amount of walking? What are the influencing factors and how can data help us understand these issues?

Background and objective 

Case studies often show that improved walkability leads to more walking. Many cities do a lot for walking – they improve infrastructure schemes, communicate the benefits of walking and adopt walking policies. Reports and presentations, including at Walk21 conferences, convey an impressive picture of all these efforts.

When we look at the overall data on walking, however, we often still see a decline in many cities and countries around the globe, occasionally a slight increase or stable situation. Why is this so? What are the reasons that walking stages, trips, times or distances do not increase overall as we would expect given the improvements to the walking environment? What are the factors influencing walkability and the amount of walking? How can we collect data and create indicators that reflect the true developments in the walking world?

Building on the work completed by Walk21 for the International Walking Data Standard and past pre-conference workshops on Measuring Walking, we will discuss how to better understand these apparent conflicts and evaluate in more depth the trends in walking data.

The first part of the workshop will be devoted to issues of walkability on different scales. What do we know about walkability? How does the degree of walkability influence trip rates and distances? What are good case studies from which we can learn? What data is crucial to assess walkability? And what data do we need to measure the impact on walking activity?


Join individuals passionate about the measurement of walking and its impacts for an engaging workshop on how walkability and the amount of walking relate to each other and how and what data can help us understand the connection.

Everyone is welcome. Presentations and overall discussion will be conducted in English. Part of the session will be also be in Spanish to facilitate involvement form local attendees. If you would like to actively contribute with a small presentation, please let us know in advance. Thank you!


The presentations will be made available in this space after the conference.