Rotterdam 2019

Workshop at Walk21 conference
in Rotterdam, 7 October 2019

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How to collect data with few resources?
Aiming for a global list of walking and public transport indicators?

Despite many efforts worldwide to collect data about walking and sojourning, we lack an agreed list of walking indicators, related methodologies and data collection tools.
Based on the newly developed Urban Mobility Indicators for Europe by the Walk21 Foundation, UN Habitat and the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) we will discuss if and how these indicators could become global. The indicators are about comfort and safety, the walking infrastructure, access to public transport stops, information, availability of walking amenities and daily trips, among others.

We will debate how these indicators can be defined, what criteria are important (e.g. to differentiate between good, medium and low performances) and what methodologies can be applied, in particular we will debate “objective measures” (data already officially collected), “satisfaction and perception measures” (mainly collected by surveys) and “quality measures” (assessments on the neighborhood level). We will also talk about how the data actually can and should be collected.

The goal of the workshop is to develop recommendations for a global indicator list as well as to provide input on how the data can be collected by inexpensive means and easy to use tools.

The discussions will take place on round tables so everyone can share their views, knowledge and ideas. The more people with different geographic, cultural and professional backgrounds participate the more likely it is we can reach a global understanding about indicators and methodologies. So, bring your experiences to the table!

We will take the workshop also onto the street to learn how the city of Rotterdam measures pedestrian dwell time and demonstrate some measuring techniques. The scope will depend on the local situation and weather.



The presentations will be online here after the workshop

Speakers and moderators include:

Jim Walker, Walk21, Cheltenham, UK
Martin Wedderburn, Wedderburn Transport Planning, London, UK
Stefanie Holzwarth, UN Habitat, Nairobi, Kenya (tbc)
Philipp Turner, International Association of Public Transport UITP Europe, Brussels, Belgium
Alexandre Santacreux, International Transport Forum ITF, Paris, France
Daria Raspopina, Center for urban projects (Shtab), Moscow, Russian Federation
Emiel Arends, City Development Rotterdam, Netherlands (tbc)
Ryan Martinson, Stantec, Calgary, Canada
Tim Pharoah, Urban Transport and Planning Consultant, London, UK
Daniel Sauter, Urban Mobility Research, Zurich, Switzerland