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The INTERNATIONAL WALKING DATA STANDARD on the treatment of walking in travel surveys was adopted at the Walk21 conference in Vienna 2015. The STANDARD aims to

•       Raise the profile of walking

•       Demonstrate the crucial role of good mobility data

•       Improve accuracy and consistency of data collection
   for all modes

•       Allow for comparisons between cities and countries

The Standard was elaborated and reviewed by experts worldwide over several years.

We invite YOU to adopt the Standard in your city, region, country or in your international body to create better transport policies and walking conditions.

To learn more about the Standard click here.


Part of the Walk21 network

Rotterdam 2019: Measuring Walking workshop

Thank you all for your your active contributions to the workshop on 7 October, 2019. Please find the presentations & conclusions here.

Bogotá 2018: Measuring Walking workshop
The presentations are now online, please see them here.

Calgary 2017: presentations from the pre-conference workshop in Calgary, 19 September 2017, can be seen and downloaded here.

The conclusions of the Calgary conference can be found here.


Transport for London TfL publishes walking data according to the Standard. In the just published report "Travel in London" TfL refers to the Walking Data Standard and provides internationally comparable walking data. See report on page 128, link here

Hong Kong 2016: a presentation on Measuring Walking can be downloaded from here .

The conclusions of the Hong Kong conference can be found here.