Make Walking Count



Make Walking Count is a survey, analysis and reporting framework, designed by Walk21 to explore residents’ attitudes toward walking generally and their walking behaviour in their own neighbourhood in particular. Make Walking Count is also an international benchmarking tool to provide information to cities to help them steer their policies and investments in walking and to enable learning between cities and communities. Initially undertaken in four world cities, the tool is now being used successfully in communities of various sizes, to understand and benchmark the needs of local people and to ensure a user perspective to inform decision making and to identify the best spend for investments in walking infrastructure, information and encouragement programmes.


Several cities like New York, London, Canberra, Wokingham, Copenhagen and Barcelona have used the tool already and others are lined up to follow.

Elements of the tool

The tool consists of a questionnaire to be completed by 600 local residents via a telephone interview. Data about 8 indicators is being collected and analysed:
1 Walking activity

2 Activity in the public realm

3 Local accessibility

4 Motivations for walking

5 Barriers to more walking

6 Perception of the walking environment

7 Measures to improve the walking environment

8 Transport spending priorities


The tool was developed by Walk21 in partnership with experts from the COST 358 project, Accent, Colin Buchanan, Mobiel21, Urban Mobility Research, Transport for London and the City of Copenhagen.

Summary & first results

More background information and some first results can be found in this article by Bronwen Thornton, Martin Wedderburn and Daniel Sauter, published in “Aspects of Active Travel. How to encourage people to walk or cycle in urban areas”; edited by W. Gronau, W. Fischer and R. Pressl; Studies on Mobility and Transport Research, Issue 4, MetaGISInfosysteme, Mannheim, 2013



If you're interested in more information, e.g. in the procedure, please check the Walk21 website or contact the Walk21 CEO, Bronwen Thornton.