Workshop at Walk21 conference
in Dublin, 19 September 2022

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Measuring Walking:
New smart tools and what can be done with good walking data

Despite many efforts worldwide to include walking in the metrics of healthy community design, urban/transportation planning and policy processes there are still many gaps when it comes to data collection for walking and sojourning. 
At the same time new technologies and smart tools are emerging providing us with increasing opportunities to measure walking more accurately, more easily and more efficiently. The bottleneck is more and more shifted to the adequate application and implementation of the walking data. Thus, the main two questions this pre-conference workshop wants to address are:
1) Which new smart tools are already available to measure walking in all its aspects? Which smart tools are required in the future?
2) How can the new smart tools be applied in practice? How can we encourage in general the use of good/more walking data?

We hope for a rich debate on new smart tools coming from the field of social sciences, engineering, sport and physical activity as well as others. The workshop offers an opportunity to debate how these tools can be implemented in cities and communities globally and how they can inform the 36 indicators that were developed during the last pre-conference workshop 2019 in Rotterdam.

Workshop results

Please find the presentations and the results of the round table discussions below.



Daniel Sauter, Urban Mobility Research, Zurich, Switzerland: Welcome and Introduction.

Stefan Steiniger, Pont. Universidad Católica de Valparaíso & CEDEUS, Chile: Satisfaction with the walking
experience - measuring it with Walkability.App

Michael Aherne, National Transport Authority NTA, Ireland: Universal Design: Walkability Audit Tool

Jim Walker, Walk21 Foundation: Walking in Africa: Evidence and good practice to inspire action (Audio below).


Round table discussions

The results of the session are still to be provided.