Session at Walk21 conference
Seoul, 28 May 2021 Online
14.30-15.50 KST Korean Standard Time
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Measuring Walking:
The invisible asset and how to make it more visible

Previous Walk21 Measuring Walking workshops have helped develop the methodology for a common set of international indicators to help understand the factors which impact people walking. They are structured into 3 tiers to be realistic and affordable and are a foundation for effective policy making and evaluating its impact.

In many parts of the world however, walking is still an invisible asset that transport decision makers ignore. In partnership with UN Environment, Share the Road programme, Walk21 has taken an innovative approach in Africa to explore how existing international data sets could be viewed through a walking lens to illustrate the variation in walking experiences internationally.

In this session, international lawyer Aida Kaffel will present an over view of the innovative approach followed by short presentations from the custodians of the relevant data sets - World Health Organisation (physical activity and road safety), UN Habitat (public transport accessibility), International Road Assessment Programme (comfort) and Walk21 Foundation (walking policy). Daniel Sauter, Chair of the International Measuring Walking Group, will then facilitate a discussion on the limits and opportunity to use data to make the walking asset more visible and stimulate action to improve it.

Format of the session

The session is divided into 4 parts:

Part 1: Welcome & short introduction (total: 10 mins)
Daniel Sauter, Walk21 International Measuring Walking Group (5 mins)
Jim Walker, Walk21: Overview and Ambition (5 mins)

Part 2: Input presentations (total: 35 mins)
Aida Kaffel Rodriguez, Walk21: The opportunity to make walking more visible internationally (7 mins)
Fiona Bull, WHO: Physical Activity and Road Safety (14 mins)
Stefanie Holzwarth, UN Habitat: Accessibility to Public Transport (7 mins)
Monica Olyslagers, iRAP: Road Safety and the Star Rating (7 mins)

Part 3: Moderated discussion among presenters (total: 15 mins) Moderator: Daniel Sauter

Part 4: Questions from the floor (total: 20 mins) Moderator: Daniel Sauter


Date and time

The session will take place online

Friday 28 May, 14.30-15.50 KST Korean Standard Time

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Session results

The results and presentations of the session will be provided after the event.