The Hague 2010

Workshop at Walk21 conference
in The Hague, 16 November 2010

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The workshop 2010 focused on data collection methods and their main purposes. In order to compare data it is crucial that there is not only agreement on the indicators but also on minimal methodological standards that will allow comparing results across the globe in the future. Three important issues and the methods to measure them were discussed:

1) Pedestrian flow and presence measured with counts and observations,

2) Sojourning activities in public space measured with observations and surveys,

3) Trip data usually captured by travel / mobility surveys.

The debate provided an overview of the current state-of-the-art and showed the challenges to come up with methodological standards. The topics were introduced with presentations by Tim Pharoah, Martin Wedderburn and Daniel Sauter and followed-up in three method-specific parallel sessions. The program of the day and the presentations are provided below.


To download the presentations, click on the names of the presenters or on the download button.

Daniel Sauter, Urban Mobility Research, Zurich, Switzerland: Data collection methods – what are the issues to be dealt with

Tim Pharoah, Urban Transport and Planning Consultant, London, United Kingdom: Pedestrian Flow and Presence (counts/observations)

Martin Wedderburn, Colin Buchanan, London, United Kingdom: Sojourn Activities in Public Space (observations/surveys)
Daniel Sauter, Urban Mobility Research, Zurich, Switzerland: Trip Data (travel surveys)