Vienna 2015

Workshop at Walk21 conference
in Vienna, 20 October 2015

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The workshop 2015 was fully dedicated to launching the new International Walking Data Standard, talking about its benefits and how it could be implemented widely.

After a short introduction by Daniel Sauter, Ryan Martinson and Martin Wedderburn presented the new Standard and the solution it brings to overcome difficulties of capturing data in travel surveys on a billboard (no powerpoint available). Werner Brög from Socialdata, who has done more than 1.300 travel surveys on three continents, presented data from Vienna spanning the time from 1993 to 2015, quantifying the importance of walking in this city. Gregor Stratil-Sauer from the city of Vienna showed the latest results from travel and attitudinal surveys.

The subsequent debate focused on the next steps, in particular on how the Standard can be implemented and incorporated into existing surveys. Important is the support from and the adoption of the Standard by international bodies, national governments and cities. Expert support is most welcome as well.

The program as well as the presentations can be downloaded beside. The document of the International Walking Data Standard can be downloaded from here. More information about the Standard can be found on the menue item "Data Standard" this website.


To download the presentations, click on the names of the presenters or on the download button.

Daniel Sauter, Urban Mobility Research, Zurich, Switzerland: Welcome & introduction, objectives of the day

Werner Brög, Socialdata, Munich, Germany: Vienna Walking: Quantifying the importance of walking

Gregor Stratil-Sauer, City of Vienna, Austria: Walking in Vienna: Results of the latest travel surveys


Ryan Martinson (left) and Martin Wedderburn explain the International Walking Data Standard during the workshop in Vienna