Rotterdam 2019

Workshop at Walk21 conference
in Rotterdam, 7 October 2019

Download the final programme of the Rotterdam workshop by clicking on the button below

Photo credits: Martin Hols, Rotterdam (official conference photographer), Florian Lorenz, Bronwen Thornton, Daniel Sauter


How to collect data with few resources?
Walkability: just what are the best indicators?

Despite many efforts worldwide to collect data about walking and sojourning, we lack an agreed list of walking indicators, related methodologies and data collection tools.
Based on the newly developed Urban Mobility Indicators for Europe (see below) by the Walk21 Foundation, UN Habitat and the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) we discussed if and how these indicators could become global. The indicators are about comfort and safety, the walking infrastructure, access to public transport stops, information, availability of walking amenities and daily trips, among others.
The workshop was attended by more than 40 participants from 25 different countries from all continents. Based on this broad input the indicators will be refined and hopefully adopted worldwide eventually. The global representation in the workshop certainly will help its legitimation. Thanks to all participants again for your great input and support!

You can find and download the report on the Urban Mobility Indicators below. Also available are the results of the debate with summaries from the round tables and the presentations on the right.

Workshop results

Please find the results of the round table discussions below followed by the input presentations.



Daniel Sauter, Urban Mobility Research, Zurich, Switzerland: Welcome. History, context and goal of the workshop series

Philip Turner, International Association of Public Transport UITP Europe, Brussels, Belgium: Urban Mobility Indicators for Walking and Public Transport & the SDGs

Martin Wedderburn, Wedderburn Transport Planning, London, UK: Urban Mobility Indicators for Walking and Public Transport

Carly Koinange, UN Environment UNEP, Nairobi, Kenya: Walking & Data in the Global South

Alexandre Santacreu, International Transport Forum ITF, Paris, France: How to monitor and improve pedestrian safety in cities

Daria Raspopina, Center for urban projects (Shtab), Moscow, Russian Federation:  Methodological concepts for monitoring the walking environment in Moscow

Emiel Arends, Advisor Urban Affairs, City Development Rotterdam: Data collection in the city of Rotterdam: People Flows. ask, measure, add, know, act (repeat)  

Jim Walker, Founder Walk21, Cheltenham, UK &  Stefan Steiniger, CEDEUS, Chile